Benefits of a Mechanical keyboard

 A keyboard works like a spokesperson between us and a computer. Whatever we tell it to say to the computer, it does the same. A computer without a keyboard is worthless. It has no meaning without it. 

Because you can’t start touching the screen of your computer and expecting it to function for you Unless it’s a laptop. So, there are tons of types of keyboards available in the market. 

But the one that every computer wants to have is a mechanical keyboard. Ah mate, the sound and the smoothness of this keyboard are so flawless. The keyboard makes our fingers stick to it and doesn’t want them to go anywhere else.

But, do you know the advantages of a mechanical keyboard? If not, this article is for you. I’m going to tell you the 9 benefits of a mechanical keyboard that you would not have imagined. Are you ready?

Let’s dive into the topic.

Benefits of a Mechanical keyboard

What are Mechanical keyboards?

The mechanical is the latest type of keyboard that has switches under each key instead of rubber and membrane that standard keyboards are made up of. 

Due to having switches, the keys are soft and easy to press. Furthermore, there is a special kind of sound that comes whenever you press any key. Trust me; it sounds dandy.

9 Advantages of Mechanical keyboards

1) They Have a long lifespan

Compared to another standard keyboard, the mechanical keyboards are the ones that last long, offering roughly 30 to 70 million key presses, which is breath-taking. The traditional keyboards have a 5 million key press lifespan, which is too little.

2) Enhance typing experience

Do you struggle typing? Get a mechanical keyboard and you won’t complain about your typing again. I mean, obviously, you need to have the skill as well, but the mechanical keyboard offers such soft and easy-to-press keys that don’t just enhance your typing speed but give you a fantabulous experience. The clicky feature of the key wins the hearts of millions.

3) Smooth keys

It’s pretty common to face ghosting issues when typing on a standard keyboard. However, the mechanical keyboard has 104 anti-ghosting keys. Not only do they increase your typing by leaps and bounds, but also boost your productivity.

4) Great stability

Due to having more weight, the mechanical keyboards are quite stable on your desk and don’t move when typed fast. Now you may be thinking, why on earth do mechanical keyboards weigh more? 

Let me tell you, it’s because the lighter the keyboard, the faster it will move when you’re typing faster. This is preoccupying and aggravating. Therefore, the mechanical keyboards are a bit bulkier than the standard ones.

5) No, wear out

No matter how many years you type on a mechanical keyboard, it will always give you a feel of a new one. 

The day when you bought it and had an exceptional experience with it, the same you’ll be having as long as you’re using it. That’s one of the most remarkable pros of a mechanical keyboard.

6) Speed

If keys are stuck, everything stops working until the key starts working again. Especially for gamers, a key is like a gaming success key for gamers. When the key is clung in the middle of the game, ah man, it sucks. 

However, using a mechanical keyboard, you’ll never have to encounter this irritating problem because of the clicky and soft keys and the switches under them.

7) Mechanical keyboards are programmable.

Wait what?.. is it for real? yep, you heard that right. The mechanical keyboards are programmable, meaning you can assign different functions to whichever key you want. For example, if for any reason, your Shift key is not working, what you can do is, you can assign the function of the shift key to your CTRL key, ALT key or any key that you want. Isn’t That freaking Impressive?

8) Easy to Clean and Repair

You’ll agree that cleaning and repairing a keyboard is a dead difficult task to attempt. It’s time-consuming and annoying. 

However, mechanical keyboards are pretty easy to clean and repair. Why? Because they’re disassembled, they are easy to clean and repair.

9) Treasure for Gamers

What else for a gamer is more annoying than waiting for a stuck key to start working again in the middle of an important match? Nothing, right? 

Also, no gamer likes to press hard on their keyboard key because they don’t get so much time to waste while gaming. So Gamers, a Mechanical keyboard is designed for you. 

From soft keys to a click sound, from that sound to a disassembled structure, everything seems to be designed particularly for gamers. 

Not just that, the mechanical keyboard offers you a fast response which is a drop in the bucket for gaming. 

So, if you’re playing competitively and don’t want to spare on your enemy, smash him by pressing any key you usually do; the keyboard will function flawlessly.

Point to note

Hey there: Welcome here: I’m glad that you read this article till here. I hope, by now you know completely about the benefits of mechanical keyboards. Certainly, mechanical keyboards are equipped with numerous features that every typer needs. 

However, one who has to buy it needs to have deep pockets. Obviously, the bucks are totally worth it, but still, some people can’t afford to spend that much just on a keyboard. 

So, if you’re running out of budget and you don’t type so much, the standard keyboards will do the trick for you. It’s not a rule of thumb that you must have a mechanical keyboard.

But, if you’re a content writer who spends most of his time typing, then mechanical keyboards are your way to go.

I want to hear from you. What brand’s mechanical keyboard have you had a bad experience with? And What do you like the most about a mechanical keyboard?  Put your thoughts in the comments.

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