Advantages of CRT Monitors

 In today’s fast-paced digital world, where sleek and slim LCD monitors dominate the market, it is easy to overlook the seemingly outdated CRT monitors. However, before hastily dismissing these bulky relics of the past, it is worth considering their unique advantages that have withstood the test of time. With their deep blacks, vibrant colors, and superior motion handling capabilities, CRT monitors continue to hold a special place in various industries such as graphic design and gaming. 

Advantages of CRT Monitors

Advantages of CRT Monitors

Superior Color and Contrast

CRTs are known for their deep blacks and excellent contrast ratios. The way CRTs produce color allows them to represent shades and tones that can be challenging for some modern displays.

No Native Resolution

 Unlike LCD monitors with a fixed grid of pixels, CRTs can display various resolutions natively without scaling. This means images usually remain sharp at multiple resolutions.

No Input Lag

 CRTs do not suffer from input lag because they don’t have to process the image before it’s displayed. This made them famous for gaming, exceptionally competitive or fast-paced games.

Better Viewing Angles

 CRT monitors offer consistent color and image clarity regardless of the angle you view, which is sometimes said for early or cheaper LCD panels.

No Motion Blur

 CRTs have virtually no motion blur, a problem in some LCD panels, especially older ones or those with slower response times.


 Many CRT monitors had long lifespans, often exceeding the longevity of early flat-screen monitors.

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Multipurpose Use

 Some high-quality CRTs, like those used for professional video editing or graphics design, could be calibrated for various purposes and offer exceptional color accuracy.


 For a time, as LCD technology was still maturing and becoming mainstream, CRTs were often less expensive for the same screen size.

Artistic and Retro Appeal

 For retro gaming enthusiasts, the look and feel of CRT games are considered authentic. Some game graphics from older consoles were designed with the scanlines and light bloom of CRTs in mind.

High Refresh Rates

 Many CRTs could support high refresh rates without the risk of “burn-in” or uneven wear. This was especially valuable for gamers.

Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

 Many CRTs had relatively good shielding against external electromagnetic interference, which could benefit specific environments.

No “Dead” Pixels

Unlike LCD screens, where individual pixels can fail, leaving a small spot always off (or always a particular color), CRTs don’t have this problem.


While CRT monitors may be considered outdated by some due to the emergence of newer technologies like LCDs or LEDs, they still possess unique advantages that cannot be ignored. The superior image quality and longevity offered by CRTs make them an excellent choice for those who prioritize these aspects in their monitor selection process. 
Whether you’re a graphic designer seeking accurate color reproduction or simply someone looking for a reliable long-term investment, don’t overlook the benefits that CRT monitors bring to the table.

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