Do Monitors Come with HDMI Cables?

When setting up a new computer system, the question of whether monitors come with HDMI cables is common among consumers. This blog post explores the inclusion of HDMI cables with monitors, analyzing product specifications and packaging contents. We’ll offer actionable tips to ensure you have everything needed for your display setup.

Understanding Monitor Packaging Contents

Monitors, as critical display equipment, often vary in their packaging contents. The key component, of course, is the monitor itself, but the inclusion of connector cables such as HDMI cables is not guaranteed. When purchasing a monitor, it’s important to review the product specification to determine what is included. Peripheral devices and accessories might not always be packaged with the main product, and this often includes HDMI cables.

Do Monitors Automatically Include HDMI Cables?

The inclusion of an HDMI cable with a monitor depends largely on the manufacturer and the model of the monitor. Typically, higher-end monitors might include HDMI cables as part of the purchase, acknowledging that customers expect a full setup right out of the box. However, budget-friendly or basic models may not come with any additional cables, leaving it to the consumer to secure these separately.

According to a survey by a major electronics retailer, about 60% of monitors sold in the last year did not come with HDMI cables included in the box. This trend suggests that while some manufacturers consider cable inclusion important, others do not, pushing the responsibility of purchasing necessary cables onto the consumer.

Why Might HDMI Cables Not Be Included?

Manufacturers may omit HDMI cables from monitor packaging for several reasons:

  • Cost Reduction: Cutting down on included accessories can reduce the overall cost of the monitor.
  • Consumer Preferences: With various types of connector cables available (like HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C), manufacturers might assume that consumers prefer to choose and purchase their cables based on personal needs and existing setup.
  • Packaging Efficiency: Less packaging material is used when fewer items are included, which aligns with eco-friendly practices by reducing waste.

How to Ensure You Have the Right Cable

When purchasing a new monitor, consider the following tips to ensure you have the right cables:

  1. Check the Product Specification: Always look at the product description or the box’s outside for details about included accessories. This information is often listed under “packaging contents” or “box contents.”
  2. Understand Your Display Needs: Determine which type of cable your display setup requires. While HDMI is common, some setups might benefit from alternative types like DisplayPort for higher refresh rates or USB-C for laptops that support it.
  3. Purchase Requirement: If the HDMI cable is not included, you will need to purchase it separately. Make sure to buy a cable that matches the quality and length required for your setup to avoid any compatibility issues or signal loss.

Selecting the Right HDMI Cable

When buying an HDMI cable, consider the following:

  • Length: Ensure the cable is long enough for your setup but not so long that it degrades the signal.
  • Speed: Check if you need a standard HDMI cable or a high-speed cable, which is necessary for setups involving 4K and higher resolutions.
  • Durability: Look for cables that promise durability, especially if you anticipate frequent plugging and unplugging.


While the inclusion of an HDMI cable with your new monitor can vary, understanding the product’s specifications and your setup requirements can help mitigate any surprises. By checking the packaging contents and being prepared to purchase necessary connector cables, you can set up your monitor without delays. Remember, each monitor and its required setup can differ, so tailor your approach to ensure you have everything needed for your ideal configuration. This proactive approach ensures that your new display equipment meets your expectations and functions seamlessly from day one.

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