Types of the printer

When it comes to touching a piece of writing or a document in real life, the first name of the component that comes to mind is a printer. The printer is the most vital component of a computer that allows users to print their documents. 

Due to having many printers available in the market, it’s pretty difficult to decide which one you should go after. 

Types of the printer

Some of them are even low quality, which sellers say are the best items available in the whole market. But, there is nothing like that. If you go to get one for yourself, then there are chances for you to get cheated by the sellers. 

Considering this problem, I’m going to couple up some of the best types of printers that you can go after. I bet, by the time you finish reading this post, you’ll have a better understanding of the printer that you have to get your eyes on.

So ensure to stick to the post till the end. Without getting more late, let’s head over to the topic.

Types of printers

As the printer is an essential part of the computer, many well-known and big brands have contributed to making the latest and more advanced printers for the users. 

That includes laser, LED, business inkjet, home inkjet,3D, and Dot-matrix printers. To know better about each type, let’s go through them individually in detail.

1) Laser printer

The laser printer type is the most used, loved, and more digitised type of printer. The first laser printer was invented by Xerox back in the 1960s. 

The idea was to draw images using laser light so that the work of users could be decreased. Even till now, a majority of people are using it and taking its benefits fully.

If you’re a person who’s on a budget, then you’ll love these printers,  because they’re quite cheaper than other types of computer printers in the market. Furthermore, they provide you with a high printing speed and higher paper capability

The laser printers are usually expandable, which gives you great comfort while using them. As you know, there is not even a single thing that comes without any cons. Likewise, the laser printer has some cons. 

  • Require short warm-ups

  • If the printer runs on high voltage, then it can lead to small carbon emissions

  • they have larger footprints

This printer is recommended for office work as it is equipped with multiple working options.

2) (LED) printers

Led printers are quite identical to the Laser printers type that we’ve just discussed. But instead of using a laser, the LED printers use a light-emitting diode to create images. 

As they have moving parts, the LED printers are considered to be more durable and useful than Laser printers.

Furthermore, the printers are cost-friendly and won’t hit your bank when making their purchase. 

Not just that, the LED printer comes with a great warranty which shows how Sure the factories are about their product. When it comes to their disadvantages, I couldn’t find any. Which is impressive,

3) Business inkjet printers

As this gives you a clue, this type of printer is specially designed to be used for business. Therefore, the printers come with a heavy reliance and an excellent printing output so that the work in offices can be done accurately and adequately.

They’re more reliable than the other type of printer out there, and they should have to be since they’re for business purposes, right?

The Business Inkjet printer can print a realistic and highly detailed photo, which is a need for any business. 

However, there are some cons to them as well. Compared to other printer types, the Business inkjet printer cost a lot per page. 

Also, the print may get wet at times. So, you have to put a note on this thing as well. Overall the printer is great for business usage and will serve you great in an office.

4) 3D printers

The 3D type of printer was no less than a miracle for a digital world. This type of printer can print 3d objects and items by using high-quality resin. Also, as the 3D culture is at its peak, the 3d printer is becoming more advanced and accessible to users.

The 3d printer offers you tons of different features to print 3D objects and the capacity for full customization. Isn’t that wonderful? I’m sure that is.

However, the downside to it is the price which is too expensive, and it’s still under development. So, there might be some options that you may find limited.

5) Home inkjet printers

The name tells what the home inkjet printer holds for us. This type of printer is pretty common and primarily used at home. But, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for professionals; if you’re a professional, then you can still get the most out of it. 

The printer is capable of producing a realistic and somewhat detailed image. Also, it has small footprints. The disadvantage of this type is that it’s quite pricey per page. 

Also, the print speed is slow and has a wet print as well. So, if you’re ready to deal with these cons, then you may go to get your eyes on this printer. So, if you want a printer to use in the office, then you may want to buy it.

Point to note

I’m glad that you read this article till here. I hope now you have a clue what are the best types of printers available these days. 

Remember, I’ve put together these monitors by researching completely about them, so you can buy any of them if you want to.


And be wise while making a purchase for the printer, because there are a lot of low-quality items available in the market to cheat you. 

Though I think I’ve mentioned everything related to the topic, still if you have any doubt in mind, then you’re most welcome in the comment box.

Now it’s your turn: What type of printer would you like to get your eyes on from the list? Put your answer in the comment section.


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