Types of CPU/Processors(2023 Ultimate Guide)

A CPU is a hardware device known as the brain of a computer. It controls each operation that happens in the system. Like, Performing arithmetic logic Internal and External operations.CPU has another name which is called Processor

It lets you interact with different programs, software, and applications that are inaugurated on your computer. 

Simply put, External operations and controlling Circuits are the responsibilities of a processor. It is a fundamental part of any coded device. 

CPU works as an instructor for a computer by performing complex operations. Now you know what a CPU is, but do you know how many types of CPU there are? If not, then stay with me till the end to learn some mysterious things about the CPU/processors.


What are the different types of CPUs?

Before getting to the different types of CPUs in computers, I want you to know that there are two CPU manufacturing companies, AMD and Intel, that are rocking at present. Needless to say that you’ve heard of their names. Other competitor manufacturers are there as well, but these ones are in demand at present.


This image showcases a detailed illustration of a single-core CPU, emphasizing its simple yet robust design.

It’s cardinal to have a CPU from an excellent brand to get the expected output. So, therefore, just knowing about the different cores of the CPU is insufficient.

Now, I expect you have a sounder sense of the Processor. So, it’s time to head over to the different types of processors.


Single CPU (processor)

This type of processor is usually used in business and personal computers. The fun fact is, this was the first and original type of CPU launched in history. Back in time, people did not have so many types of processors that we have today. The only Single CPU was used to do every work. 

When it comes to its qualities, it’s the lowest and the slowest processor you’ll ever find. This CPU allows you to perform one operation at once which makes it titled the deadest these days. So, this is not recommended to use at all. A huge No.


different types of CPUs


Dual-core (CPU)

Dual-Core type of CPU is a single CPU with 2 strong cores that function incredibly. As the name suggests, this CPU works like Dual and acts like a single. It seems it’s pretending to be single. What do you think?

To get the most out of Dual Core CPU, a special code called SMT code(simultaneous multi-threading technology) should be installed in the program you want to use and the operating system.


Hexa Core(CPU)


Hexa core is a multi-core processor that contains 6 different CPU cores, making it more speedy than some other processors. But, if you want to buy it for your personal computer, you may not find it. Because it’s delimited. 

These are the processors used to develop the latest smartphones and tablets. Now you’re aware of why your smartphones and tablets don’t stutter or lag while you play games, chat, receive tons of notifications in one take, and do other high-end work also.


Quad-Core (CPU)


We’ve just ended discussing one of the fastest and the smoothest processors, and here we have another one Quad-Core CPU. It contains 4 CPU cores which are good enough to skyrocket your system. 

However, compared to Hexa, it’s less powerful. This type of CPU allows you to multitask voluntarily and skillfully. And the best thing about this is that it doesn’t convey single operations that make it even faster and lighter.

It uses the SMT Code to hike up the speed of the process; if you’re a person who uses heaps of programs simultaneously, like playing games and using multiple browsers at once, then Quad-core is just developed for you


Octa-core (CPU)


And here comes the CPU type Octa-core processor that contains eight powerful CPU cores. Yes, you heard that right, eight freaking cores. 

You can speculate How fast it will make your system. The processor has core sets in it that do different tasks. Like minimum powered sets, cores are designed to get done the advanced and high-end works. 

While in an emergency or requirement, the rest of the four-set cores will come in and get the job done. But as usual, the higher the quality, the higher the price. SO, to get an Octa-core processor, you’ll have to have deep pockets.

Types of CPU

But the dollars are worth it. These processors are specially created for people who do high-end work. Like, graphic designing, digital art, and of course, gaming. So, if you fall in any of these buckets and make a living out of that too, this octa-core processor is your way to go.

Deca-core (CPU)

This dual-processor has two strong cores, 4 cores are built-in quad cores, and it utilizes 10 independently. Isn’t it wonderful? The processor works precisely as the Octa processor does, but it can handle more advanced functions than that. 

The Deca core processor is the most pricey and complicated to get in the market. And the funny thing is, the latest smartphones are being built with this processor so that they can perform accurate and faster tasks.

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Point to note

Every type of CPU is designed differently for some specific tasks. That’s why some CPUs have more cores in them while some have fewer. 

The processors with more cores will work best for high-end works, like playing high-end games, designing graphics using heavy software, and so on. And there are no more types of CPU except the ones that are cited above.

So, before you make up your mind to get your eyes on any of them, you better know your purpose. Because this way you won’t end up buying something that looks well but not meeting your needs now.

That’s it for today; if you have any queries related to the topic, you know what you have to do, just comment down below.

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