Types of Mouse that you can buy today

Computers have been with us for centuries and have been working for us exponentially. Since the first computer was launched, the whole world has started using it so much that life looks likely to be impossible without it. 

The computer has different components to do different tasks that they’re specially designed for. 

And an essential element is a mouse, which brings every program under your fingertips. Considering the importance of a mouse, tons of different kinds of mouse are available in the market, mixing you up when buying one for yourself. That’s why I will tell you the 7 best types of mouse that you can get your hands on. 

Make sure to stay with me till the end so that you can buy a mouse that you love.

Latest Types of Mouse that you can buy today

1) Mechanical Mouse

The first mouse-type we have is Mechanical, which comes with a metal and rubber ball that you can spin in any direction you want. Also, it has two rollers that track the ball movements and converts the data into electrical signals to show you the display. 

The finest thing about this is that a Mechanical mouse is as cheap as chips compared to other mice. However, it needs regular cleaning to make it work softly.

2) Wireless Mouse

As the name suggests, it’s a type of mouse that works wirelessly. Meaning you don’t need a wire to use it. The wireless mouse is further divided into Bluetooth and RF mice. Both types work wirelessly, and the only difference is the way they work. 

The RF(Radio Frequency) sends the signals to the user computer using Radiofrequency. In comparison, the Bluetooth mouse uses the feature of Bluetooth that every latest computer has. 

Primarily, the Bluetooth mouse has a span of 33 feet, which is more than adequate for you to use.

3) Optical Finger Mouse types of mouse

Unlike the mouse in the past, the technology has progressed so much that they’ve made it possible to impossible. I mean, look at the Finger mouse that you can wear on your fingertip. Isn’t that an Extraordinary mouse type?

I know how hard it gets switching from your mouse to keyboard while having a regular mouse. Considering the same problem, some companies came up with an astonishing idea of a Finger mouse that your finger could control, decreasing the movement of your hands. 

As the mouse is on your finger, you don’t feel difficulty switching from mouse to typing. The Finger mouse has two types, Trackball, and Optical finger mouse. Both are designed differently. An optical finger mouse is worn on your index finger with a strap that it is equipped with.

You can use the mouse with a wire by connecting it with your USB or wirelessly by connecting to Bluetooth. Due to having these two options, you can chill out your mouse not just wirelessly but with a wire as well when required. 

4) Trackball Finger Mouse

This mouse type is similar to the previous one. However, its designs and the way it works are different. To use this mouse, you’ll have to get the most out of your thumb and your fingers. 

It’s simple to use; hold it in a handshake position and split it on your index finger. Move your thumb on the Trackball at the upper side to get the cursor worked. If you want to move the cursor to the left side, move your thumb that way on the ball. You can move the mouse where you want to by dragging your thumb on the ball. Isn’t it just, wow?

5) Stylus Mouse

This is one of the most stylish and beautiful design types of mouse We’ve gone through so far. A stylus mouse is like a Pen that you can use on the touchscreen or any of the Tablets. 

These types of computer mice are pressure and tilt sensitive, also it is operated by a battery. This type of mouse can be a treasure for the people who do digital drawings. 

It comes in various types that you can choose according to your need. So, if you’re someone who’s a fan of touchscreens, or digital painting, a Stylus mouse is your way to go.

6) Optical and Laser Mice

Optical and laser mice are the two pretty common computer mouse names available in the market these days. You may probably be using either of them. The Laser Mouse has a reflecting light at its bottom, which detects signals and sends them to the computer to display your results. 

So, it’s a combination of both Laser and Optical types as it has no moving parts that can be damaged like rollers in mechanical ones. So, if you want a mouse for the long term, getting your hands on this mouse could be your best choice.

7) Vertical Mouse types of mouse

The vertical mouse’s design looks like a shark’s fin. It’s a different type of mouse that keeps your wrist comfortably. This mouse has some buttons on the sides of it. If you’re a person whose wrists start having pain using the horizontal mouse, this mouse would be more beneficial. 

Thanks to its elegant design that provides your wrist with a neutral position. That way, your wrist stays comfortable, and you don’t have any minor injury to it.


As mentioned above, there are different mouses with different shapes and purposes. Like Gaming, mice are designed considering the requirements of a gamer. A regular office user might not be comfortable using it. 

Because that’s not what it’s designed for, right?. So every mouse is designed to solve a different tribulation for a different person. Therefore, make sure to be aware of your purpose for buying a mouse for yourself so that you can get the best type of mouse to meet your requirements.

It’s your turn: What mouse type did you like the most from this article? Leave a comment down below.

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