Difference between Ram and Rom

Storage is the thing everyone seems to be focusing on while purchasing a computer. Because it’s a vital part of any system. Storage is further divided into two types, Ram and Rom. 

Do names look familiar to you? Because these are familiar names in the world of computers. However, the majority of folks don’t have a clue about the difference between Ram and Rom. Some even think that they both are the same with different names.

Nevertheless, that’s not true. Ram and Rom are two totally distinct terms that play different roles in a computer. So, what’s the distinction between Ram and Rom? That’s what this piece of writing will inform you about. 

Difference between Ram and Rom
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What is Ram and Rom in computer?

The full form of Ram is Random Access Memory.” This is the second type of computer storage. Ram is a short-term memory where temporary data is stored. The data in Ram is erased automatically whenever you restart your computer. 

Unlike the ROM, the data doesn’t stay permanently in the hard drive or etc.. Why is that so? Because ram stores data in transistors that are based on electricity. So, the data is there as long as your computer is running. 

Once the electricity goes off, or you shut down the computer, the data gets obliterated. Simply put, Ram is hardware where the currently used data is saved. 

That data can be read, changed, written, and in order. When the computer finishes using it, the data disappears. You got it, right? Umm Cool:

The Ram has two types,  and they are (SRAM) Static random access memory and (Dynamic) Ram, Dynamic random access memory.


The Static ram stores the data in bits as long as the data is supplied to the system. Once the power goes off, it gets washed off. This type of Ram is usually stored in the hard drive as a cache. Cache? You’re aware of it. Or at least, you would have heard of it somewhere before. The cache is actually a type of data that doesn’t stay in your system forever and can either be deleted, erased, or vanish itself when the pc shuts down. So, take SRAM that way.

DRAM Dynamic Ram

The dynamic random access memory is a temporary memory used by your computer whenever it needs it. Once the need is met, it gets erased. The DRAM holds the data in chunks in a partition consisting of a tiny capacitor and transistor.

What is Rom?

Rom stands for” Random only memory” is the second type of storage in computers. In Rom, the data doesn’t go away and stay saved permanently. 

Whether electricity supplies the power to your computer or not, the data will be saved in the hard drive or chips. 

The data is used in unchanged parts of the computer. Such as the data that is used when your computer boots up by the time you start it and firework instructions that make your printer run. 

So, no matter if your computer is on or off, it will have zero effect on the data saved in your system.

Like Ram, The Rom is also divided into two main types, (PROM) and (EPROM. What role do they play?

  • (PROM)Programmable Read-Only Memory it’s a form of memory that a user can once modify by using a unique tool called Prom programmer. This hardware supplies current to all cells in the Ram.

  • (EPROM))erasable programmable read-only memoryThis memory doesn’t disappear when the computer is off, but it can be erased and reused by the user.

Ram and Rom (Difference)

The difference between Ram and Rom must have already been cleared to you. But, Let me make it more clear so you understand in a more simple way. The Ram is a momentary memory that works as long as your pc is on. 

Once the pc gets off, Ram’s data goes away. At the same time, the Rom memory data stays forever in the system’s hard drive, hard disk, USB, and so on. That’s the difference between them. So, there is nothing to be confused about.

The function of Ram and Rom

The Ram has a noteworthy role in speeding up your computer. You may have heard that if you want your applications, games, and software to run faster and smoother, you must install more in Ram in your system. 

Isn’t it? It’s because the Ram makes the computer quick and velvety. On the other hand, the Rom is more about saving your files permanently in it. Not just the data that’s in your hard disk, like movies and songs. but also some coding data that 

helps your computer to boot and perform diagnostic operations. When it comes to Ram, you can install multiple numbers of rams on your pc, depending on your need. 

Whereas, the Rom is only a few thousand storages in your computer. That can also be increased though.

Point to note

I expect now you know very well about the difference between Ram and Rom. I’ve tried to put everything as simple as I could, taking every little confusion away from you. Just remember, Both types of memory are necessary for a computer.  

Ram helps the computer for processing data and everything. Rom helps computers to boot up accurately. So, if either of them is missing from the computer, then the computer would not work properly. 

Have all of your doubts been cleared or there is still any question in your sanity that you want the answer to? Ask me in the comments.

Now it’s your turn: How many Rams are installed on your computer? The mind has 16GBS installed in it. What about you? Looking forward to knowing your answer.

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