Types of power cords that can save your life(2024 Guide)

We, humans, are blessed with an intellect that makes us one of the best creations on this planet. Being Intellectual, we know what we should put our energy, money, and focus on. 

We know what’s essential and what isn’t. But, still, there are some things that are super important and can set us at risk, but still, we take them for granted. 

Yes, I’m talking about Electrical power Cords that we don’t even think are so important. We think about having the best machine but not the best cord. 

Why is that so? It’s because of the lack of knowledge. I’m sure; If you knew the value of a power cord, you would spend most of your time buying them instead of your primary appliance. 

So, that’s what this article will guide you about. I’m going to tell you about different types of cords so that you can decide what’s the best one for you. 

Remember, every cord is designed differently and serves a completely distinct purpose. So, if you’re one of those people who think all Cods are the same, then you’re probably not on the right track. 

Without getting further, let’s dive into the topic.

What are cords and why are they so vital?

Cords are cables used to connect our appliances via socket and or extension cord. The cord has different names like cables, line cords, and mains cables. 

So, the purpose of Cords is to connect two or more devices, supplying the electrical power and signals. They’re used to might up, your office, home, garage, and even your video games. 

These cords are super important for your devices. If you don’t pay attention to them while buying, then you might endanger not only your life but also the life of your loved ones. How? If your Cord is not of good quality, it may overheat and cause a fire. 

Sometimes, the fire is so intense that it can destroy your device, and the people around it may also get affected. 

No, I’m not making you afraid of it; I’m just trying to get you out from most people who think that having the Best cords is not worth it. 

So, now you know what cords are and why they’re so important. Now, let’s head over to the different types of power cords and their qualities.

1)  Cord Sets

The first type of power cord that I have for you is the Cord set. This Cord is used to supply current and signals to your devices. The Cord is coated in a copper wire insulation material, making it safe for users. 

The thing that makes it even secure electrical fuses that fight against Voltage surges. Also, they have other best features like leak detectors and voltage checkers to protect you from every type of danger. 

The cords sets are built using a protective material to reduce electromagnetic energy. Where can you buy them? You should get them from any electronics shop that sells these sorts of things. 

If you don’t find it around you, you may consider buying it online as well.

2) Generator Power Cords

As the name suggests, these power cords are designed to power the generators. The power cords available in the market are:

  1. 5

  2. L5

  3. L14

  4. 14

  5. TT

  6. CS

Mainly, these cords are used for outdoor items only. But if you want a cord for home use, you may consider getting your hands on a transfer switch or any other line that meets your requirements well. 

Is it a necessity to have a generator power cord for your cord? Nope, it’s not. But it is a 50-amp outlet on your portable generator so you will need this cord with one female and male end.

3) Small Extension Cords Pack

There are many small extension cords available these days equipped with different outlets apiece. You can power any device that you have with this power cord. 

The most promising thing about this Cord is that it authorizes you to hang it on the wall. This feature helps things to be neat and clean. Isn’t that wonderful? 

Whether you have to use it outdoors or indoors, this is an excellent choice for you. It’s the soundest option for your office, home, garage, or wherever you want to use it.

4) Yellow Nema Power Cords

You must have heard this name before? Is it?. Because Yellow Nema power cord is one the most famous and used cord in the market. The usability and the reliability that these cord offers are fantabulous. 

Users have shown great satisfaction after using it. You can use it to power any device at your home, office, garage, garden, or anywhere else you want to. The lifetime warranty is the best thing you could ever have in any cord. 

It shows how sure the factories are about their cords. Also, the cord is waterproof. So, even if you’ve dropped it in the water, you still don’t need to worry about it. 

If you’re looking for a cord that lasts long, then this Yellow Nema power cord is your way to go.

6) Red Extension Cords

Red extension cords are a necessity for most outside the homes. So, make sure that they’re of the best quality. So, how can you buy the best quality Red Extension cord? it’s easy, there are two things that you should watch out for. 

First, the cord should be soft and the second thing is 100ft variations. Just keep this thing in your mind while buying this cord and you’ll get the best version of it.

6) NEMA 5–15-P

This is another cord we have that allows us to connect our small appliances to one another. Like, TVs, Microwaves, hairdryers, wall outlets, and so on. 

The NEMA 5-15- P is compatible with the T-Slot outlet, which is pretty common in everyone’s homes these days. Also, You can utilize it in your offices and garages. 

Types of power cords

This cord is designed in current ranging from 15 to 60 amperes with 125 to 600 volts. Also, 

Point to note

These were some of the best types of power cords that are being used across the globe. But note one thing,  no matter what type of cord you buy it needs to be high quality. You can’t compromise on it at all. 

Because, saving money, in this case, may cause you to lose not just the favorite device that you’ll connect with it, but the things that will be around. Though it happens in some rare cases only care is better than cure. 

The reason I recommended you to go for the best is, they usually have good coating, good voltage, and other high-quality things that keep you safe. So, you better go for the best possible. 

Now it’s your turn: What type of Power cord you’re going to use and why? The communication section is waiting for your answer.

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